Add the Google Plus 1 Button for Your Website

How do you get the Google Plus One button on your website?


click on this link here for the free Google plus code.


Why use the Google Plus 1 Button?

The idea behind the button is for people to share that “this
is pretty cool” or “you should check this out.”


Anytime you have a huge Internet player offering sharing
options for a website, and it’s free, it’s an opportunity you can’t refuse.


Moreover, given it’s a Google tool and will likely influence Google search engine rankings, it’s a must have on any website and blog.

Readers can choose to keep their “plus one” recommendations
private or make them public.  Regardless,
any plus one click goes into the aggregate of plus one tallies with Google.

More and more search results are including social proof as a
contributing factor in rankings.  The
Google Plus One button is a social proof tool that no doubt, given it’s a
Google tool, will influence Google’s search engine rankings.

The +1 button lets you start great conversations. When you click +1 you’re
publicly recommending pages across the web. You can also use +1 to share with
the right circles on Google+. +1’s can help to improve
Google Search
too, since you can see which pages your social
have +1’d right beneath search results and ads.

The +1 button can appear in a variety of places, both on Google and on sites
across the web. For example, you might see a +1 button next to a Google search
result, Google ad or article that you’re reading on your favourite news site.


What happens when you +1 something?
When you +1
something, the +1 button will turn blue to confirm that you’ve recommended the
page, and your +1 will be added to the +1’s tab new window of your
profile. Here you can manage
all your +1’s
and decide whether you want to publicly display the +1’s tab.

If you’re a Google+ user, you’ll also have the option to share the web page you +1’d in Google+. Just
click the “Share on Google+” box, enter your comments, choose the circles you’d
like to post to and click Share. Like other content you share,
these +1’s will appear in the streams of the people you share with.

Regardless of the circles you choose to share to on Google+, and whether you
choose to publicly share your +1’s tab, your +1’s will still be visible
to others viewing the content you +1’d
. For instance, your +1 could appear
as part of an anonymous aggregated count of the people who have also +1’d the
same thing. Your name could also appear next to the +1 button on a website, or
beneath a search result or ad on Google Search. This helps friends and contacts
to identify which content may be most useful to them.

Control who sees your +1’s
You can control
the visibility of the +1’s tab
on your profile, and if you’re a Google+ user
you can share the web page you +1’d to specific circles as well. However,
remember that +1’ing is a public action. Anyone could potentially see items that
you’ve +1’d when they visit the same places on the Web.

For example, let’s say Kyla has added Arielle, an architect who often posts
publicly, to one of her circles on Google+. Arielle decides to +1 her favourite
design website. Kyla might see Arielle’s name and photo in +1 annotations on
Google Search, even though Arielle doesn’t have Kyla in a circle herself.
Arielle’s +1 helps Kyla decide to check out the site, and Kyla ends up loving

Now imagine that Arielle chooses to hide the +1’s tab in her own profile.
While Arielle’s +1 on the design website remains publicly visible, neither Kyla
nor anyone else on the Web who finds Arielle’s profile will be able to see
Arielle’s consolidated list of +1’s.


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